Just a Kid

I’ve got a cigarette and a half
waiting for me
just in case you ruin my night
and I used to cry about you
I used to cry
but now I just smoke those cigarettes

you say you’ve cut down and use the e instead
when I said
I like guys who smokes cigarettes
but I have a feeling you never liked it
because you’re just a kid
I forget you’re just a kid.

my body is weak
my fingers are shaking holding a stick
I haven’t written a piece and I barely eat
pretty boy, you’re just a kid
how did you learn to say such pretty things?
oh you’re just a kid.

I’ve been running on chocolates and nicotine
I’m seventeen but I stay in
you’re out kissing other girls
I’m sleeping in
I’m running on sugar and nicotine
you’re going out, I’m caving in.

-Hailey Bailey


2 thoughts on “Just a Kid

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  1. Oh this is such a heartfelt piece, I really felt the pain in your words. If it’s a work of fiction, then your imagination is absolute perfection. However, I know every writer writes a little bit of herself, so I just want to tell you seventeen is too young to be caving in. Do amazing things, you are clearly meant for more.

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